MyMaths Helper Chrome extension MyMaths Helper Chrome extension is a downloadable Chrome extention to help with your MyMaths. Once you have installed the MyMaths Helper Chrome extention all you have to do is load up a task from MyMaths and then use the arrow keys to get all the help you could possibly need.

Need help setting up this extension? Watch this short video to learn how!

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UPDATE! MyMathsHelper version 3.0 is here - download it now.

I am now pleased to be able to say that the latest version of MyMaths Helper is now working.
Download version 2.1 here

Version 1.9 has been released!
Download version 1.9 here

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There are a few new features but the main difference is the user interface. The controls are the same as version 1.7 but you now get notifications that give you useful advice.
The biggest feature of this version is the auto-updating, once you have installed 1.8 you will not have to manually update anything – it will all be done for you.
To get version 1.8 click here.

Merry Christmas!
I have a litte gift for you guys click here to recieve your gift. First come first served.

Once again there is a new update, it has some bug fixes, some awesome new features and it is more efficient.
To see the new features click here and to download MyMaths helper v1.7 click here.

If you are struggling to update your extension this video could be a massive help. It's only short so go and check it out. Watch on Youtube

I was recently informed that the A-Level tasks were not working. Since I have found this out I have fixed it and now you can use as normal for all tasks including A-Level. Download version 1.6 here.

You won't believe your eyes!
Yes, version 1.5 is now available!
This new update is so much more user friendly, you now just login to mymaths normally, open you task as usual and use the arrow keys accordingly. No need for any of the faffing around with the url! Download it now from here.

I have not been able to upload anything for a couple of days, due to server problems, but now I am able to start uploading again :) So it will not be too long before there is a new update.

Believe it or not, Once again the MyMaths Helper Chrome extension has improved! Now there are no changes to the page layout so that you can use it without people noticing and the buttons used to get help now automatically fill in the worksheet!
MyMathsHelper Version 1.4

Another update has been released. There is very little visual difference, however a there has been a number of people experiancing problems with the previous version so they have all been fixed. Download MyMathsHelper Version 1.3 from here.

There was a problem with the Google Chrome portable download, but that has now been fixed and is fully working.

Don't have Chrome?
Can't install software?
Don't worry, just download Google Chrome portable! No installation needed. Just download, un-zip and open!
It even works at school!

We have moved!
We have now successfuly moved to our new site -

MyMaths Helper version 1.2 has been released! Now the answers are easier to read, The layout has changed and bugs have been fixed.
Check it out here!

What is MyMaths?

MyMaths is an online maths teaching and learning aid, which helps schools to set homework and allows pupils to do their homework at home, over the internet, at their own pace. Additional practice can be done at your own pace and games are available for fun learning.

Why make this?

One of the main reasons I made this was to prove that I could. Simply saying that you can do somthing isn't enough, We all go to school to get a certificate to prove that we can do a certain subject. I had seen other ways of manipulating the site and from that I knew that there would be a way to make a program that would give people the help they needed.
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